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The heart of the Canadian Beauceron Club, from Left to Right : Isabelle Deserres, Anny Caron, Valérie Théobald, Joanne Boudreault, Eric Vavassori. Sadly missed for this photo is Cynthia Beaumont.

Who are we?


The creation of the CANADIAN BEAUCERON CLUB (CBC), comes from a group of Beauceron breeders and lover with the priority to:

  • unite ALL purebred Beauceron lovers across Canada and abroad;

  • promote the versatility and wonderful qualities of the purebred Beauceron breed in Canada;

  • having the breed fully recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), promote breeding Beauceron that meets the CKC breed standard and educate/mentor licensed judges on the finer details of this standard;

  • ensure that breeders that chose to become member of the Canadian Beauceron Club follow the Clubs' Code of Ethics, encouraging Beauceron lovers to seek Ethically-bred Beauceron puppies. 


The club was founded in May 2021 and is registered as a non-profit organization #1177147429.


2020 to 2022 officers:


President: Ms. Joanne Boudreault

Vice-President: Ms. Isabelle De Serres

Secretary: Ms. Valérie Théobald

Treasurers: Ms. Anny Caron and Ms. Cynthia Beaumont

Regional Directors:

Maritimes: Ms. Beverly Wells

Quebec: Ms. Cynthia Beaumont

Ontario: Mr. Esa Rasimus

Western Canada: Ms. Lady Tinor

Consultant Expert: Mr. Eric Vavassori (currently VP of the American Beauceron Club and past officer of the Club des Amis du Beauceron (France).

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Photo courtesy of Du Sixieme Sens Kennel

Photo courtesy of Des Monts du Lac Kennel

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