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The heart of the Canadian Beauceron Club, from Left to Right : Isabelle Deserres, Anny Caron, Valérie Théobald, Joanne Boudreault, Eric Vavassori. 

Who are we?


The creation of the CANADIAN BEAUCERON CLUB (CBC), comes from a group of Beauceron breeders and lover with the priority to:

  • unite ALL purebred Beauceron lovers across Canada and abroad;

  • promote the versatility and wonderful qualities of the purebred Beauceron breed in Canada;

  • having the breed fully recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), promote breeding Beauceron that meets the CKC breed standard and educate/mentor licensed judges on the finer details of this standard;

  • ensure that breeders that chose to become member of the Canadian Beauceron Club follow the Clubs' Code of Ethics, encouraging Beauceron lovers to seek Ethically-bred Beauceron puppies. 


The club was founded in May 2021 and is registered as a non-profit organization #1177147429.


2020 to 2023 officers:


President: Ms. Isabelle De Serres

Vice-President: Ms. Gina Saillant Larocque

Secretary: Ms. Valérie Théobald

Treasurers: Ms. Anny Caron 

Regional Directors:

Maritimes: Ms. Beverly Wells

Quebec: Ms. Stephanie Beaudry

Ontario: Mr. Esa Rasimus

Western Canada: Ms. Lady Tinor

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Photo courtesy of Du Sixieme Sens Kennel

Photo courtesy of Des Monts du Lac Kennel

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