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Photo courtesy of Tibone Kennel


Two of the Club's priorities are 1) to have the status of Beauceron becoming "fully recognized" with the Canadian Kennel Club and 2) to promote and create a unity between owners and lovers of Beaucerons across Canada through a variety of activities and through a stream of beauceron information on our social media.

By becoming a member you will be given the opportunity to connect with other Beauceron lovers in person or online and participate in organized Beauceron activities organized or sponsored by the Club (for example: Fun Match, group hiking, Rally-O initiation, Herding Initiation (instinct test), barn hunt, harness sports, tracking / search & rescue, rallies and even a National specialty once the Club will be recognized). 

STAY TUNED because the schedule of activities and how to register for each event will be published and updated regularly on the Canadian Beauceron Club Facebook page, our website and on our quarterly Newsletter.

Of course, we encourage our members to help us expand and diversify our events and activities according to your areas of expertise.


Please do not hesitate to contact your regional representative or members of the executive to submit your ideas and comments. You will find the information via our website. Your support, every year, is essential for the development of our Beauceron breed in Canada..


We looking forward to meeting you!!

The Club's Committee 

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Get informed about Beauceron activities a cross the country with our quarterly Newsletter. Put your photos, text, activities, in it !!! All welcomed.

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