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Photo courtesy of "Du Sixieme Sens" Kennel.

Beauceron Temperament


Behind his looks of a "dissuasive" dog and his impressive physique, this hides a dog who turns out to be a wonderful life companion. Its main qualities are loyalty and responsibility. He is forever loyal to his master, whom he will protect against everything. Distrustful of strangers, he is an adorable dog, very affectionate, gentle and docile with his family and will appreciate more contact with children: he will love to play with them while protecting them.

Watchdog par excellence, the Beauceron is a fabulous working dog. He has always been described as "wise and bold". Enduring, he must be able to exercise regularly and he requires a perfectly controlled education because he often has a lot of temperament. He is known to be a decision-making dog but in good respectful and non-violent hands, he becomes an adult, a willful and sociable dog, even extraordinary with his family. Aside from family life where he excels in love and patience, he is a versatile and athletic dog who adapts to many activities: obedience, herding, rescue, tracking, agility, sledding, etc.


Beauceron one day… .. Beauceron always… ..


Photo courtesy of "Tibone" Kennel.


Photo courtesy of "Du Sixieme Sens" Kennel.

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